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    How to become a dealer / distributor
    In order to become a dealer/installer or distributor to our products, you need the following:

    1. Company registration (CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE!)
    2. Signing Agreement (Agreement will be sent to your email once your registration is approved)
    3. Attending Training
    4. Purchasing Your First Order

    Simple steps should lead you to become one of the providers of the state of art systems and technologies.

    In order to get pre-qualified, download, provide needed documents and fill out the form correctly.

    For more further assistance, please contact dds@alsaonline.com

    Note: If any document or information was incorrect or missing, delay may apply on the pre-qualification process

    DDS Invitation
    Our systems are made to Automate Homes and Buildings. They are considered top integrated systems with many connectivity partners in the industry, which make it strong and hard to compete with.

    Automation is cooperating the following:
    • Security & FA
    • Lighting Control
    • Temp Control & Energy Management
    • Audio Distribution
    • Video Distribution
    • Networking wired / Wireless/PoE
    • Interfaces Touchscreens, consoles, Computers, and Smart Phones
    • PC's and Touchscreens such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and windows based TS
    • Pronto and Ultra mobile PC's including Laptops and desktops
    • Telephone and internet, web-based or direct IP control and monitoring

    Basically, having all these integrated together instantly, will give you an Automated building. However, programming the system is the main part of Automation.

    These systems do not rely on PCs or Software; Our controllers can stand-alone and be programmed without having a PC or a server in the home. The interfaces work 100% with PC's and smart phones without relying on them.

    The system can give you full control via Internet and telephone so you have your home in your pocket. They can give the life style the user is looking for in the 21st Century and save you energy at the same time.  

      We have 2 different programs for Businesses:
    1- Distribution Program
    2- Dealer/Installer Program

    Being a Distributor or a Dealer will open more doors to your business to expand. It will also add-value to your existing systems and adds more options to your customers.

    Distributors & Dealers gain:
    • Special Discounted Prices
    • Training and Technical Support
    • Design & Supervision over installations
    • Projects delegations and leads referrals
    • Integrating Systems Special Training
    • Direct Access to your own DDS account (Order, Pay, and Track your order online for FREE!)
    • Announcements and News distribution of new high technologies goes to DDS members before anyone
    • And more...

    To become a Dealer or a Distributor, please follow the following process:
    1. Register online
    2. Sign Agreement (Once your information is submitted in and you are approved to become a DDS member, we will be sending you the agreement)
    3. Attend a training - For trainings in Saudi, registration will be online via DDS Portal
    4. Initial Order  

    For more information or questions, please do not hesitate to contact DDS Team on dds@alsaonline.com

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